Glücklich leben ohne Fleisch



- 畜牧業佔用全球 地表 70%的農耕土地,其中包括33 %的農業土地用於種植飼料。
- 畜牧業導致大規模森林砍伐,以取得新的牧場。而過度放牧將會導致毀滅性的土壤惡化,造成廣泛的土壤板結和侵蝕。
- 畜牧業是世界的水資源日益減少的頭號威脅,大量的水被用於生產動物飼料。<
- 畜產動物吃的蛋白質比他們生產得更多。生產每產 1公斤的動物性蛋白質,平均要消耗 6公斤的植物蛋白,其穀物和綠飼料供應之。
- 生產 1公斤牛肉大約需要20,000–40,000公升的水來,約900升,生產 1公斤小麥。
- 每天都有數以百萬計的動物因為全球不健康的肉類消費被殺害。<
請登錄我們的請願書。沒有你,事情不會改變,沒有你們的幫助,他們改變的速度總不夠快。每一份簽署都有它的力量!如果您支持以法律禁止的肉類,在這裡簽名。請願書,將交付給歐洲各國政府(及世界其他國家) 。


Please sign our petition for the legal ban of meat.

If we do not act now, a global ecological disaster of seismic proportion will emerge within the next few years.

According to the FAO, the agricultural livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than the use of petrol for cars, trucks and other transportation.

- Livestock industry uses 70% of the world's surface, including 33% of agricultural land used for planting animal feed.

- Agricultural animal farming leads to deforestation to make way for new pastures and it leads to devastating, widely prevalent soil deterioration caused by over overgrazing, soil compaction and erosion.

- Agricultural livestock raising is the number one threat for the ever decreasing world water resources. An enormous amount of water is used to produce the feed for livestock animals.

- Livestock animals eat more protein than they produce. For every 1 kg of animal protein produced, animals consume on average 6 kg of plant protein, in the form of cereal and green fodder.

- It takes about 20′000 - 40′000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of beef and approximately 900 litres to produce? 1 kg of wheat.

- Every day millions of animals are killed globally for the unhealthy consumption of meat.

It is the responsibility of the government to safeguard its citizens, the animals and this would be warranted by the ban of meat.

Please sign our petition. Without you, things will not change and without your help they will not change fast enough. Every signature counts! If you support a legal ban of meat, sign here. The petition will be delivered to governments in Europe (and other countries of the world).

Thanks for your help and best wishes!



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